7 comments on “Happy Women’s Day!

  1. Hey Babe )))
    Thanks for making this day such a Blast !!! Thank you for posting on your web my first shots, it means a lot to me ))Thanks to Krysta, without your outgoing nature we wouldn’t have as much fun as we did!! And Yes, I am proud of myself )) Great photos, great barn, great color!!!

  2. GIRL!!!! You’ve got no idea- pictures turned out really really well!!!! Can’t wait to see you this Wednesday to show them all to you- you’re going to AH OH!!!! I’ll show you how I edit them too- but with the great overcast we had going today- not much color editing needed!!! 🙂 Love ya! MUAH!

  3. Yeah and that STOP sign was not a bad idea after all was it? One of my fav pictures!!!! HA HA HA!

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